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> office machines (3081) + binding machines (788) protective sheets and bracts(203) plastic backs(188) clamp backs and sleeves(89) thermal covers(78) binding rings atoma or adoc rings(72) backs of metal wire(70) binding machines for plastic binders (including combind)(27) backs clickbind(15) binding machines for wire ridges (metal)(11) backs surebind(9) backs velobind(8) other binding machines(7) binding machine multifunctional(6) thermal binding machines(5) + lettering systems (687) lettering accessories, p-touch brother(226) lettering accessories, ribbons dymo(210) labeling systems(98) _etiketten voor dymo toestellen(77) lettering accessories, dymo(31) lettering accessories, varia(24) accessories leitz icon(21) + paper shredders (457) paper shredders(229) _papiervernietigers hsm(137) accessories paper shredders(84) _olie voor papiervernietigers(7) + printers (367) laser printers(93) inkjet printers(70) accessories for 3d printers(54) brother stamp creator and accessories(51) multifunctional(33) badge printer(25) ecotank(16) printers, accessories(15) multifunctional with fax(3) 3d printer(2) multifunctional without fax(2) led printers(1) _matrixprinters(1) _mobiele printers(1) + laminators (302) laminating equipment accessories, laminating pouches(186) laminators(81) laminating equipment accessories(17) selflaminating cards(11) _lamineerhoes rexel signmaker(7) + calculators (227) calculator, desk(89) calculator, pocket calculator(28) calculator, graphic(27) calculator, scientific(25) calculator, print(19) calculators(18) calculator, financially(11) calculator, accessories(10) + cutting machines (181) roll cutting machines(69) accessories for cutting machines(66) cutting machine with lever(46) + telephony (33) _telefonie(29) fax machine(4) + dictation devices (19) dictation devices(19) + cash register (18) cash register(18) + letter fold machine (2) folding machine(2)
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